I am participating in the Readathon!

Dewey's Readathon is tomorrow!  I am not sure exactly how much of the day I will get to spend reading; I have a (rather easy) final Monday and I am going to hit the Food Truck Invasion at Nashville's Farmer's Market Saturday noonish.  Otherwise, I really want to get some good reading in.  Here's my preliminary stack.  I am going to work on the main ones in the picture, not that other stack that invaded on the right there.  Though there is a new atheism book on that stack...  I have a lot of graphic novels but those will probably be early in the day or late at night.  Also, they let you feel like you're really making progress.  I also have several on my kindle that I need to work on: Insurgent, Flora and Ulysses, and Wolf HallI have a LOT of variety to try.  I really want to finish rereading American Gods

Ok, off to the grocery store to get some snacks!


  1. Lovely stack of books! Hope you're reading away!


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