April Movies!

Divergent: a movie that was way better than the book!  In fact, I actually decided to give the second book a try because of it.  a 5.

12 Years a Slave: Hard to watch but not as hard as I was worried it would be.  I think it is important to watch.  a 7.

The Wolf of Wall Street:  I liked this better the first time around when it had more killing and Joe Pesci and was called Goodfellas.  It was at least 30 minutes too long and I didn't particularly care about what was going on.  a 4.

And squeaking in on April 30, Captain America: The Winter Soldier:  Loved the movie but the subtitle is a bit misleading.  Trying to decide on a different one but everything is either spoilery or already used.  I really thought this was a great movie.  I did wonder why Hawkeye wasn't even mentioned but I hope he was uncontactable on a mission somewhere.  More Black Widow info, more Captain development, this felt more like an Avengers sequel than either Iron Man 3 or Thor 2, though both of those did reference and grow out of the Avengers.  anyway, a 7.


  1. Oh, wow. I just posted earlier today how watching the film Divergent made me pick up the second book in the series when *reading* Divergent didn't. :)

    Totally agree with you re: Twelve Years a Slave.

  2. Exactly! I really didn't think the book was that great but seeing it made me want to finish the story!


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