Relisten to Harry Potter 1 and 2!

While I should probably be listening to YA novels (or kidlit) that I have yet to read, in an attempt to catch up on some of the novels that are missing from my repertoire, I've fallen back into a Harry Potter reread. is hosting a reread and, though they are only doing a couple chapters a week, it is fun to follow that.  I have listened to Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets so far.  These books are just so easy to listen to; Jim Dale is an amazing narrator.

I've really enjoyed this reread.  I've been trying to keep the later books in mind while I am listening to these early ones.  I have heard parallel after parallel and bits of foreshadowing are everywhere.  For a first and second novel, these books are so well-crafted and Rowling clearly had the main narrative of the series in mind from the beginning.  It is strange that I always think of Chamber of Secrets as my least favorite book and then, when I reread it, I find I quite like it.  I think it is just the problem of having to rank them in some fashion, and they are all so great, CoS just comes last from a story perspective.  Sorcerer's Stone is the first book, Prisoner of Azkaban introduces Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.  Goblet of Fire is the first fat book, has dragons and glimpses of the wider magical world, and the war becomes serious at the end.  Order of the Phoenix has the best villian and the tragic conclusion to Sirius Black's plotline.  Half-Blood Prince gives us tons of info and Deathly Hallows is essentially an adult novel and the final book.  While Chamber of Secrets does introduce the Horcruxes (though we don't know what it is at that point), there isn't much else.  Gilderoy Lockhart is just annoying, as is Dobby at this point in the series.  Of course, now that we know how Dobby's story ends, the part where Harry frees Dobby actually brought me to tears.  Anyway, if you haven't read these since the last one came out, I recommend giving them another spin!


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