More Young Adult Books

Still trying to close some gaps in my Young Adult knowledge. 

Every Day by David Levithan: Not sure if this one counts as sci-fi or fantasy.  The main character, A, wakes up every day in someone else's body.  He has always done this, slowly getting older with each new body.  He's a boy, he's a girl, black, white, gay, straight, everything.  When he meets Rhiannon he falls for her and wants to stay near her.  Unfortunately, this desire makes A change how he acts in his temporary bodies, causing suspicion.  It's cooler than my blurb makes it sound!  a 6.

Insurgent and Allegiant by Veronica Roth: hmm.  After I read Divergent I wasn't too interested in continuing but when I saw the movie I wanted to know how things turned out.  Not sure I should have bothered. Tris is really annoying and all the kids are extremely naive and simplistic in their thinking.  a 4. 

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick: I saw the movie with B and really liked it.  The book is very similar.  It has great illustrations and big sections of the story are told in pictures a 6. 

I am J by Cris Beam: a book about a boy, J, who was born a girl, and his struggle to figure out why he is what he is and what he wants to be.  It isn't anything I've not read before in YA books, though the transgendered bit is new.  Things aren't too easy, or too hard for J; I think he makes things harder for himself than he really has to.  a 5 but a good thing for a high school library to have. 

I am still working on YA books but am going to try to read a few elementary/middle grade books too.  I always feel like I have a handle on that level then, when I try to come up with titles, blank out after Neil Gaiman and some classics.  Planning to hit the library this weekend with some lists!


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