July Movies

Nebraska: B and I both liked this one. Kinda sad story about aging and life and loss of expectation.  a 6.

Nothing Lasts Forever: have you heard about the "lost" Bill Murray movie from the '80's?  this is it.  I watched it so you don't have to!   it was pretty bad. Bill Murray as a flight attendant on a flight to the moon was the best thing in it.  Dan Akroyd as an armed tunnel worker was the second best thing.  The story was nonsensical.  a 2.

Room 237:  a documentary about all the theories people have about what The Shining was really about.  It was fascinating.  The filmmaker never showed the various people but only had their audio playing over Kubrick films, The Shining and others.  Every theorist was so sure their theory was correct and never questioned that the fact that they believed it.  But each person saw their theory from their own background.  The guy who was a WW2 history scholar saw the movie as a Holocaust film.  The guy who grew up in the western US saw it as an indictment of America's treatment of Native Americans.  Really interesting.  a 5. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Wonderful Wes Anderson movie.  While this movie had a pretty tight focus on the two main characters, it still explored Anderson's theme of families of choice.  It was beautifully acted and had amazing sets.  a 7.

White House Down:  Ok action movie, liked it better than Olympus Has Fallen even though Channing Tatum can't act.  a 4. 

The Bourne Legacy:  Better action movie. Jeremy Renner can act!  a 5.

Captain Phillips:  a movie that B said "was disturbing".  It is disturbing, though I can't quite put my finger on why.  You feel bad for everybody involved and I'm not sure you're supposed to?  a 6. 

Fargo: Not the movie but the TV show.  I tore through it over a weekend.  I absolutely loved it.  I loved the good guys, the bad guys, and even the idiots in between.  I enjoyed how my sympathies changed over the course of the series.  a 7.


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