17 September 2014

August Movies which I am super late on

Guardians of the Galaxy: this movie hit all of my sweet spots. Goofy family of choice? Check.  Females with their own character arcs and motivations? check.  Big guys with heart? check.  Scoundrel with a heart of gold? check and double check.  Great music, great effects, just a wonderful movie.  a 7. 

Inside Llewyn Davis: kinda depressing.  great music.  B liked it more than i did i think.  a 5.

Captain Phillips: again, kinda depressing.  The "bad guys" aren't particularly bad guys.  very suspenseful for a movie where you know the hero lives.  Not necessarily one I'd want to watch again but worth seeing.  a 5.

Only Lovers Left Alive:  loved it! I put this in our Netflix queue and bumped it to the top.  B asked what it was and I replied "a vampire movie with Loki in it".  We started watching it and about 20 minutes in B stopped the movie and said "I'm really liking this.  I thought it was going to be some Twilight crap but it's really good!".  :)  It is a dark movie, both in tone and in color.  Adam is a vampire living in Detroit who spends his time making music and keeping up his off-the-grid house.  Eve lives in Tangier and comes to visit when she realizes Adam is very depressed.  It's a very moody film but wonderful.  you should so see it.  a 7.

16 September 2014

Another Doctor Who book!

I got Doctor Who: Engines of War by George Mann off Netgalley and really enjoyed it.  This book is about the War Doctor and the events leading up to the beginning of the 50th anniversary special.  We see many of the events from the view of Cinder, a young woman who survives on a planet overrun by Daleks.  The Doctor crashes into her ambush, thereby saving her life, and she agrees to help the Doctor understand what the Daleks are doing on her planet in exchange for him taking her to some safe planet afterwards.  Of course, things don't go particularly straightforwardly.  After determining the Daleks' plan, the Doctor and Cinder head to Gallifrey to tell the Time Lords, who aren't very keen on following the Doctor's advice in dealing with it.  And there are some evil Time Lord schenanigans going on which the Doctor has to foil. 

One little thing I loved was a little throwaway line.  At one point, Cinder is remembering the happy moments in her life and remembers her first kiss, which was with another girl.  No big deal is made of it, and if you're not paying attention you might not notice it, but I love writing that normalizes LGBT experiences.  

I enjoyed this second, long look at the War Doctor.  It has lots of action, suspense, a great companion in Cinder, and a further look into the psychology of the War Doctor.  This book is definitely worth a read for Doctor Who fans.  6/7 for me!