September Movies

Carrie (the remake): pretty good.  It's been so long since I saw the original that I can't remember what was changed.  Julianne Moore made an awesome crazy mom.  a 5

The Lone Ranger: not as bad as the reviews led me to believe.  Had plenty of plot holes but lots of cartoony action.  a 5. 

Riddick: Wish it didn't have the "female character portrayed as lesbian who appears to fall for the male hero" aspect.  Not as good as Pitch Black.  Everything you saw in the previews takes place in the last 2/3 of the movie so it feels as if it takes a while to start.  a 4. 

The Monuments Men:  Good war movie about a somewhat unknown aspect of WWII.  George Clooney gets a crew together to find all the art the Nazis have stolen.  Funny and touching and worth a watch!  a 6.


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