18 October 2014

First Readathon Update.

I got started pretty late today.  We went to an Ok Go concert last night which was amazing; I highly recommend seeing them if you have chance.  Even though we were home by midnight, I ended up sleeping late since the power blinked sometime during the night.  After having breakfast and watching some soccer, I started reading about 12:30.  Here are my stats so far:
  • Total minutes read:  3 hours, 10 minutes
  • Total pages read: 228
  • Books finished: The Hobbit
  • Currently reading: The Devil's Cave
I'm jumping in to a contest!  I have a pig roast I'm going to tomorrow and I am bringing Pumpking Pasties (from Harry Potter)! So for the next hour or so I'll be working on this recipe from Chew Out Loud.   

Hopefully they will turn out ok; I've never made them before.  

Happy Reading!

UPDATE ON RECIPE:  you're going to want to double the stuff to make the filling, I ran out about halfway through.  also, you'll want to half (at least) the milk in the frosting because it is too runny otherwise.  These taste fabulous though!  

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