I can't believe I forgot about RIP!

So it suddenly struck me that it is October and that I hadn't signed up for the RIP challenge! I've been doing this challenge pretty much since I started blogging and it is in it's ninth year.  Carl does an amazing job of running this great challenge. We all get together to ready mysteries, horror stories, gothic tales, thrillers, and spooky ghost stories to celebrate fall, Halloween, and great stories! 

So, since I'm starting so late, I think I'll try to just read 2 books.  I've got several on my Kindle and shelves that will qualify.  I'm sure I'll manage to catch a few movies and spooky shows as well.  Guess I could have saved that Twin Peaks rewatch for this month!  Also, have you seen this October Horror Movie Challenge? While I could probably manage it, even starting late (a benefit of unemployment is all the tv you want) I don't know if my mental state could handle it.  Still, it's a good place to get some ideas for movies.  

Best of luck to everyone! 


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