Readathon Wrap Up

Didn't get as much reading done as I wanted to.  B, pesky man that he is, put on Gremlins when he got home from work so I ended up watching most of that! I did end up finishing The Devil's Cave by Martin Walker but didn't get to work on any of the graphic novels like had hoped.  My final stats:

  • Total minutes read:  5 hours, 50 minutes
  • Total pages read: 487
  • Books finished: The Hobbit, The Devil's Cave
I wonder if reading on my Kindle affected me? All day i felt a bit unfocused.  It wasn't that I didn't feel like reading or that the books weren't grabbing me; I just kept drifting away from what I was reading (even before B came home).  Perhaps next time I'll try an experiment where I read for X amount of time on Kindle and paper each and compare.  

Hope the readathon went well for everyone else!  


  1. Yes . . . You are such a born scientist! Test your hypothesis. Those pesky Darling men and the huge screens they come with (as a bonus) can be VERY distracting. ;)


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