I really like Octavia Butler

So much that in the past several weeks I've read 4 of her books!

The first of these books is Parable of the Talents, which is a sequel to Parable of the Sower.  In this one, we get 2 points-of-view: that of Lauren and Bankole's daughter who narrates what her life was like after she was taken from her parents as a baby, and Lauren's perspective in the form of her diaries that the daughter is editing. I liked this one but really wished there was more from Lauren's perspective.  a 5.

The other books I read were a series: Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago. This series is about the world being saved by aliens.  Before the first book starts there is a major nuclear exchange in the northern Hemisphere.  Aliens show up after that and rescue all of the humans they can find.  They put the humans in suspended animation for long stretches of time while they learn about humanity.  The aliens reproduce by exchanging genetic material with other races and require groups of 5.  On Earth, this becomes a human male and female with the 3 aliens.  The first book is from the perspective of a human woman, Lillith, while the second and third are about her various children.  The series is very concerned with what makes us human.  It's pretty good, a 6.

Butler does seem to jump characters in her series.  I've yet to read one where the second book is from the same point-of-view as the first one.  Frequently, she switches to the child or children of the first book's protagonist.  It does keep things fresh but sometimes you really want to go back to that first person!  

Unfortunately, I've almost read her whole catalog at this point.  


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