Wow. I haven't updated in FOREVER!

There are various reasons I haven't updated in about 6 weeks.  I got a job (finally!) and started at the end of October so that's taking up lots of time.  I've also been sick the last 3 weeks so I haven't felt like doing much.  I've also got a personal thing going on that I'll probably feel like talking about in a few weeks. Overall, I've been super busy and, while I've been reading a bit, I haven't felt like writing anything.  I need to start getting caught up on my reviews so I can write proper year end wrap ups!

All that to say I need to write this RIP Wrap-UP post!  I ended up reading 7 mystery novels, most of them involving a murder.

A Mysterious Affair at Styles and The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie: these were rereads.  I've read Styles probably 5 times and Vicarage at least once.  Styles is a really good story; it's the first Poirot book and has a pretty intricate story.  Vicarage is ok but I've never really taken to Ms. Marple.

A Taste for Death by P.D. James: I read a couple P.D. James books last Christmas at B's parents. I wanted to read another and this one, the seventh, was the only one available at my library for Kindle.  It's a good murder mystery that takes place in the 80's so it's newer than most Agatha Christie. 

And I read 4 by Martin Walker: Black Diamond, The Dark Vineyard, The Crowded Grave, and The Devil's Cave.  All of these mysteries are take place in France and star Bruno, the police chief and sole full time officer in the little town.  A lot ends up happening there and Bruno has to navigate both local and national politics to solve the crimes and put his town back together.  I really love these books and highly recommend them to fans of "cozy" mysteries. 

 Overall, these all get 6's! 


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