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I'm ALIVE!!!

Though that was never really in doubt.  I have had an incredibly crazy last 9 months.  Here's the main reason:

This lovely lady is Eleanor Octavia!   Here she is awake:
 And having some yogurt:

And reading a book a few months ago:

She was due to be born at the end of May but she just couldn't wait to meet us.  She decided to show up 10 weeks early on St. Patrick's Day!  She weighed all of 2 pounds 12 ounces but other than being so small she was very healthy.  She was on oxygen in the NICU for about a week but after that just got better and better.  After 7 weeks hanging out there, she was able to come home. The doctors, nurses, and specialists were all so amazing and gave Eleanor, and us, such great care.  We're so thankful for them!

Here we are on the day we finally go to come home!

It's been amazing and exhausting.  I started a new full-time job in August so that made everything even more crazy; it threw our whole schedule out and I also now get so much less sleep.  :(…